Painted Wolf Identity

E&P companies often choose animals as part of their corporate identity – Mobil’s Pegasus, Agip’s six legged fire breathing dog, Shell’s scallop shell and a fearsome predator like Exxon’s tiger.

The painted wolf is the most successful hunter on the African plains with a hunting strike rate of 80%, significantly ahead of cheetahs at 55%, leopards 35% and far better than lions at 25%. It is the perfect icon for our company. 

Painted wolves’ success is down to how they operate as a pack. Team work, communication and co-operation by the group, rather than individuals, deliver this high success rate.  And it is these same attributes that underpin the work environment at Painted Wolf Resources.

Our team of highly experienced and successful sub-surface professionals form a very efficient pack, hunting for commercial quantities of natural gas, principally in the highly prolific Southern North Sea hydrocarbon province.

Wild Dog Krueger Park Guy Vero