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We are a London based exploration and appraisal business focused on identifying undeveloped commercial gas resources offshore in the UK.

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Our Story So Far...

Painted Wolf Resources is the vision of Dr Andy Mortimer and a team of Southern North Sea experts.

Andy believed that 2019 offered a unique opportunity to begin building a substantial natural gas business because: the UK Committee on Climate Change confirmed that the UK will require natural gas to meet its climate change commitments; the OGA was holding the 32nd Offshore Licensing Round; and there was a cohort of like-minded experienced and successful sub-surface experts available.

In Summer 2019, Andy invested in exploration company Actis Oil & Gas and began its transformation to Painted Wolf Resources as Chief Executive.  By building a pack of highly experienced and successful professionals (we believe that we are the largest and most experienced team working in the basin) we have created a sub-surface tour de force with the potential of outperforming significantly larger players.

Painted Wolf has seen Andy re-join forces with co-founders of Wham Energy and Volantis Exploration. WHAM Energy and Volantis Exploration were Southern North Sea focussed, with each company building a portfolio of licences with multiple prospects.  They drilled a total of seven wells on these prospects resulting in four gas discoveries

Building Our Business

We are building a portfolio of attractive gas opportunities in the Southern North Sea basin. We are using our expertise and extensive available data to identify high grade, low risk appraisal and development opportunities.

Our approach is very targeted: understanding how to commercialise unexploited discoveries; revisiting and analysing “undrained” fields; and expanding play concepts from established fields into unexplored areas.

The foundation of Painted Wolf’s portfolio is the four licences held by Actis Oil & Gas. These licences hold high quality opportunities and are adjacent to available infrastructure. We submitted an ambitious range of bids in the 32nd Offshore Licensing Round which closed on 12th November 2019.  In September 2020 we were offered sixteen blocks and part blocks, in six licences, including two of our top three targets.

We are also interested in farming-in to held acreage, exchanging our expertise for a share of the opportunity. Beyond the UK, we could extend our interests into the Dutch sector with the same hydrocarbon systems.

We are building a portfolio of highly prospective gas opportunities in the Southern North Sea basin

Business Growth

Our Business Model

For the first phase of growth, our model is one where everyone has a direct exposure to the success or failure of the company. This model, familiar to start-ups in other sectors, gives the company access to key skills and team members have the flexibility to undertake other work.  

We are a collaboration of oil and gas professionals with a history of working together, in different companies across a wide range of oil and gas provinces, but with standout knowledge of the Southern North Sea province. Together, we are an exceptional combination of technical and commercial experts that collectively have a track record of exploration and commercial success.

Our Positioning

As with a start-up in any sector, we recognise that we must also be entrepreneurs.  So we have deliberately positioned ourselves as a Resources business ready to be opportunistic and not confined by the traditional exploration and production model.

What makes us stand out from other Promote type exploration companies is our ambition and the size and combined expertise of our technical team – over 250 years of sub-surface experience.

Future Growth and Development

Developing the business may also involve moving into energy storage, carbon sequestration and offshore electricity generation in addition to producing gas.   For the next two or so years we will be building a significant, investment ready business. Our goal will then be to monetise the opportunities we have generated in the optimum way. We have no fixed view on the form of investment to take the company to the next stage of growth.

Painted Wolf Expertise

Our Identity
Painted Wolf is more than a name. It is part of our DNA and the underlying ethos of our expert pack. E&P companies often choose animals as part of their corporate identity – Mobil’s Pegasus, Agip’s six legged fire breathing dog, Shell’s scallop shell and a standout hunter like Exxon’s Tiger.

The Painted Wolf is the most successful hunter on the African planes with a hunting strike rate of 80%, significantly ahead of cheetahs at 55%, leopards 35% and far better than lions at 25%. It is the perfect icon for our company. 

Painted Wolves’ success is down to how they operate as a pack. Team work, communication and co-operation by the group, rather than individuals, deliver this high success rate.  And it is these same attributes that underpin the work environment at Painted Wolf Resources.

Our team of highly experienced and successful sub-surface professionals form a very efficient pack, focused on hunting down commercial quantities of natural gas, principally in the highly prolific Southern North Sea hydrocarbon province.

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