Southern North Sea

A key focus of our SNS portfolio is the West Viking (P2606) and Monterey (P2588) licences, each of which contains material development and / or redevelopment opportunities. We also hold the West London (P2581) SNS licence. Each of our licences is located close to existing gas export infrastructure.


Our West Viking licence (P2606) covers a substantial portion of the formerly-producing Viking Fields, "V" Fields and "A" Fields. Painted Wolf has identified material volumes of gas that can be economically recovered from undrained compartments, undeveloped discoveries and selected redevelopments in the licence area.

The Alison field, located in the northern part of P2606, produced 53 Bcf between 1995 and 2009, when the field was shut-in by the previous operators due to mechanical issues with the subsea facilities used to develop Alison. At the time, Alison was producing around 7 mmscfpd and the stabilised reservoir pressure was in excess of 3,000 psi. Alison is a clear candidate for a redevelopment, with sufficient volumes to support new infrastructure that can act as a hub for other developments in and around the licence.

Vesper, a south eastern extension of the prolific Viking C gas field, is another exciting opportunity in P2606. Viking C produced 678 Bcf from five wells between 1975 and 2011. The south eastern Vesper extension wasn't capable of being mapped on the 2D seismic available when Viking C was developed originally. One of the 1975 wells drilled in this area of the field confirms that Vesper is gas-charged, but the well was not put on production and Painted Wolf's analysis indicates that the compartment still contains a material volume of gas.

The West Viking licence was awarded to Painted Wolf in 2020 as part of our successful applications in the 32nd Offshore Licensing Round.


The Monterey licence (P2588) contains the Monterey discovery and several additional prospects. Monterey was discovered in 1989 and appraised in 2006, but was not commercialised at the time. Using our subsurface expertise, together with advances in drilling and completion techniques and Ketch reservoir analogues in the area, Painted Wolf is working on a development plan for Monterey.

P2588 was also awarded to Painted Wolf in the 32nd Offshore Licensing Round.


West London is another licence awarded to Painted Wolf in the 32nd Offshore Licensing Round. We are currently evaluating the prospects and leads in the licence.